Free Windows 10 Update Coming To A Close

If you’re involved in Yammer training and development, you’ll have probably already made the move to Windows 10. However, if you’re yet to do so it’s certainly worth noting that the free update is coming to a close at the end of July.

Those of you who haven’t made the switch to the next-generation operating system as of yet will have to pay approximately £99 come month end for the full version of Windows 10 Home. If you want Windows 10 Pro, meanwhile, you’ll have to pay £130 or thereabouts.

You might well have noticed already that you’re getting a little pop-up appearing on your screen if you have a genuine copy of Windows 7 and 8, reminding you to upgrade for free before the deadline of July 29th comes around.

Since you can revert back to your original operating system within 31 days if you do decide that Windows 10 isn’t for you for any reason, there’s certainly no harm in making the switch to see if it appeals to you. According to Microsoft, it’s the most secure Windows ever to have been built and more than 350 million have made the upgrade – so why not give it a go before this offer ends?

Another date to stick in your diary is August 2nd. Microsoft has just announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be coming to all Windows 10 devices for free, with features that bring Cortana and Windows Ink to the mainstream, as well as two new security features, new gaming experiences and a more accessible and power-efficient browser.


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