How Teachers Can Use Office 365 In The Classroom

Finding useful and easy-to-use programs is a must for teachers looking to engage with their students and make their own lives a bit easier. And luckily, a bit of o365 training is all that you really need!

Cloud computing is a great resource for teachers and basically essential for online learning, perfect since it means that work can be done and collaborated on anytime and anywhere. For example, you could use Word Online to work on Word docs using OneDrive so you can your students or colleagues can work together in real time without formatting getting lost.

Or you could use Microsoft Forms which allow you to make your own surveys and quizzes, receiving feedback from your students instantly. All you have to do is share out the URL and then sit back as the results are automatically generated in an Excel spreadsheet so you can carry out reviews even easier than before.

Outlook Tasks is another must for teachers, especially those who find they’re always pushed for time and sometimes lose track of what’s been done and what hasn’t. Get organised instantly with Outlook Tasks and never forget what homework needs to be marked and by when.

The more you use Office 365 the more you’ll realise that it’s actually incredibly user-friendly. It won’t take you long to familiarise yourself with the system and it certainly won’t be long before you start hunting out new and innovative ways to make use of all the different features.

How do you use it at work? Share your stories here.


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