Is Microsoft Planning To Release 3 New Surface PCs?

Microsoft Windows users may be able to get their hands on one of three Surface PCs in a few months’ time, as reports have suggested a range of all-in-one (AIO) computers are set to be released.

Earlier this year, DigiTimes leaked plans for Microsoft to launch a new Surface AIO. However, according to Windows Central, there are now three display sizes being tested – a 21-inch full HD, 24-inch at 4K and 27-inch at 4K.

These devices will follow in the footsteps of the current Surface Book and Surface Pro.

It is not currently known whether these computers are planned for public release or whether they are being tested for the further development of a new system.

If it fails to meet Microsoft’s standards, it may not make the production line at all.

However, the news provider reported the Surface AIO design was already “elegant” with the intention of owners keeping the device on show in living rooms. With such thought haven already gone into the computer, it seems unlikely all three Surface AIOs will be scrapped.

Another leak that might be of interest to those who have undergone sharepoint 2010 strategy training and have a lot of experience using Microsoft’s machines is the news that the technology giant is allegedly planning to get rid of the hinge gap at the back of the Surface Book laptop.

This has been a nuisance for many users, as it easily gathers dust and some find it looks unattractive.

Whatever Microsoft plans on doing, it rarely gets it wrong, with the brand amassing a profit of $3.1 billion (£2.39 billion) for the three months leading to June 2016 alone, reportedly on the back of its successful cloud computing services.


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