Real Time Chat: What It Means For Your 365 Experience

If you ask any o365 consultancy for their wishlist of new features to help push Microsoft’s 365 Office Online to an even better place for its clients, a chat function would undoubtedly be up there. After all, when it comes to successful end user adoption, communication is the key to making a success of this platform in your business.

It’s therefore been a bit of an exciting week for us 365 nerds, as Microsoft announced a more deeply entrenched Skype facility in Office Online allowing a chat function for all those editing in the browser at the same time.

It’s undoubtedly a helpful addition to 365’s online offering, but just how will you reap the rewards in your operation and when is the best time to use the chat function?

First up, it’s all about the effect chat can have on speed and productivity. Chat helps give you instantaneous interactions with those currently working on the same project as you, so if you reach an impasse where you can’t continue without information from a colleague, you can reach out for instant feedback.

Questions can be answered one at a time to speed up the process, making for a far quicker reaction time to the like of traditional email systems.

However, one thing to consider when using the chat function is the paper trail. According to the Microsoft blog, chat history is not saved in between sessions, so if you’re sharing information which you’ll need to refer to later, you’re best to copy the conversation out of chat, or leave comments on the document to ensure you have a permanent point of reference as a reminder.


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