Microsoft Overhauls Sharepoint Lists

Once your team has benefited from our on site Sharepoint training, they’ll discover how useful the lists feature is for project management – from listing tasks due by date or by person who needs to complete it to storing contacts and even creating surveys.

According to eWeek, there are some 10 million lists in use across Microsoft Office 365’s cloud, and with lists such a popular tool, it was a matter of time before Microsoft paid it some attention. A re-designed update has now been released to Office 365 First Release customers such as training companies and those who need to know the potential effect on the way staff use the system.

In a blog post on the Microsoft site Chris McNulty, senior product manager for the SharePoint team, explains the new features contained within the update: “Now, we’re delivering a modern list experience that looks great and is responsive, accessible and easy to use on any device,” he writes.

One of these key changes is the accessibility on mobile devices, reflecting the biggest changes in how we use Office applications in the last five years.

For those worried about their current list usage, Microsoft promises that almost all lists in the classic format will transfer over to the new style seamlessly – and if something interferes with the computability of the new list form, the list will automatically revert to the classic form.

If you’re looking for help to make the most of the new features of Sharepoint lists, be sure to schedule a training session with Solutions Developed at your own inconvenience.


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