Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Helped Boost Profits

Microsoft has managed to secure an impressive $3.1 billion (£2.36 billion) profit for the quarter leading to June 2016, supported by the success of its cloud computing technology.

While sales of PCs have remained relatively low, strengthening its expertise in its cloud services called Azure has helped the software giant regain financial success during the three months.

Chief executive of Microsoft Satya Nadella said: “The Microsoft Cloud is seeing significant customer momentum and we’re well positioned to reach new opportunities.”

After gaining such a strong profit, its shares rose more than five per cent on Wednesday (July 20th) due to the unprecedented financial achievement.

The revenue looks particularly impressive when compared with the $3.2 billion loss it endured during the same three-month period last year, as a result of a mobile phone deal it made with Nokia.

What’s more, Microsoft, following the recent appointment of Mr Nadella, has spent a significant amount of money lately securing other lucrative deals.

For instance, last month it paid $26.2 billion for LinkedIn to gain access to 433 million business users on the networking site, enabling the software firm to combine the social media outlet with its Office 365 programme.

Mr Nadella added that the last 12 months were “pivotal” in helping the business transform itself and partner with those who are also continually developing.

It is hardly surprising the firm is doing so well, seeing as so many people, particularly businesses, rely on its technology. Indeed, lots embark on o365 training to improve their understanding of the software so they can get the most out of it.


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