Microsoft Teams Up With Intel To Make VR Happen Next Year

As of next year all Windows 10 devices with the Holographic Shell app will be able to support their mixed reality experience. Intel have developed Project Alloy to complement the software in a bid to challenge the existing virtual reality (VR) market.

Executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group Terry Myerson was quoted by Technology Review as saying: “You’ll be able to interact with your familiar Windows apps as well as these 3-D apps at same time”

A demonstration video showed a woman using the headset to interact with a range of apps. The finale highlighted the capabilities of the Holographic Shell by producing an immersive 3D environment.

The wireless Intel headset allows users to interact in a virtual world without the need for hand held controllers. This is achieved by the use of sensors in the headset which locate the users hand position in relation to the virtual world.

Collaborative projects would benefit from the improved communication that Project Alloy offers. Meetings, training and networking events can all take place in a realistic virtual world, reducing the need for travel.

With any upgrade in technology comes a need to upgrade your training in all systems. This includes Office 365 training to adapt to the enhanced functionality offered by VR.

Microsoft intends to demonstrate its own head mounted display in December this year. Next year will see the rollout of upgrades for Windows 10 to allow for the use of the new hardware, demonstrating once again the ambition of Microsoft to dominate the market.


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