Microsoft Signs Deal With IBM For Surface Products

Microsoft has confirmed a deal with IBM aimed at the business market, which may mean more people might need o365 training to help get to grips with the new technology.

This deal will bring IBM’s large enterprise customers new applications for Microsoft Surface tablets and Surface Book laptops, providing them with the services they need to stay ahead in the business world, Reuters reported.

This comes after IBM partnered with Apple in 2014 for a similar initiative to allow companies to use gadgets to boost their productivity and work efficiency.

Brian Hall, general manager of Microsoft Devices, was quoted by the news provider as saying: “It’s kind of natural that we’d find a way to work great with IBM.”

This does not mean that the Apple deal with IBM has come to an end though, as Murray Mitchell, who is in charge of the collaboration with Microsoft, said customers tend to want a mix of Apple and Microsoft products and many wanted to use the Surface technology.

Additionally, Mr Hall notes the “iPhone can plug into a Surface Book”, allowing clients to operate both systems if they should want to.

This is not the only deal Microsoft revealed at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto yesterday (July 12th).

It confirmed an arrangement with Booz Allen Hamilton, which resells software and hardware to government agencies and the defence industry. It intends to provide services via the Surface devices for the healthcare industry, government and public sector.

Microsoft’s step into the business world follows its landmark purchase of LinkedIn last month. It spent $26.2 billion (£19.79 billion) on the social media site to help users connect with one another in the business world.


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