Microsoft To Introduce Office Hub To Operating System?

It’s possible that Microsoft will soon be making moves to integrate Office 365 into Windows so as to make it easier for users to access Office emails, documents and more.

According to Zac Bowden of Windows Central, this Office Hub feature could well be available via the Cortana hamburger menu or via its own area in the Action Center or via its own button on the taskbar. You’ll also hopefully be able to take advantage of staying up to date with what other people are doing within your shared documents on OneDrive and SharePoint using an Office 365 Stream.

What’s more, the OneClip idea that Microsoft recently floated (where all clipboard information from different devices is pooled in one place) could still become a reality in a bid to make Windows 10 and Office 365 more integrated.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these are still ideas being kicked around by the head honchos at Microsoft HQ so perhaps don’t start thinking about your o365 training and how it’ll impact you and your workforce just yet. There are no release dates for any of these updates as yet so it’s possible that none of them will come to fruition, but it would certainly pay to keep your ears to the ground just in case you do have to make a few changes at work or train your members of staff to use new features that they’re unfamiliar with.

Until we’ve got more information on this for you, check out our blog post about which add-ins for Office 365 could best be used to your advantage to help boost productivity at work. We bet there are a few there that you haven’t tried as of yet!


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