Microsoft To Acquire AI Scheduling Service, Genee

Now’s the time to build Genee into your o365 training schedule, as Microsoft has just announced that it has acquired the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered scheduling service.

Genee, founded by Ben Cheung and Charles Lee back in 2014, uses natural language processing and decision-making algorithms to make working with a virtual assistant akin to working with an actual person.

For example, all you have to do is copy Genee in to your emails to colleagues and the service will email your chosen recipient with options that work with their preferences and calendars. Meeting invitations can also be sent out on your behalf, which will free up your time and undoubtedly make you more productive, able to focus on what really matters.

Writing for the Microsoft blog, corporate vice-president for Outlook and Office 365 Rajesh Jha said: “[Genee was set up] to simplify the time-consuming task of scheduling (and rescheduling) meetings. It’s especially useful for large groups and for when you don’t have access to someone’s calendar.”

Mr Lee, meanwhile, wrote on the Genee blog that the service will be closing down on September 1st this year, although all existing calendar entries that have been created will remain.

He went on to note that he and his co-founder consider Microsoft to be leading the charge where personal and enterprise productivity, virtual assistant technologies and AI are concerned – and they’re now looking forward to bringing their passion and skills to the Microsoft team, which is committed to delivering state-of-the-art intelligence and language services.


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