Microsoft Launches Video Sharing Service For Businesses

Companies who are used to Microsoft’s programmes and are familiar with o365 consultancy will now be able to access its new video sharing service.

Stream enables businesses to benefit from sharing videos much like the YouTube facility. However, they can do so internally within their company and can access security tools to keep their data and communication safe.

James Phillips, corporate vice-president of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Products Group, said Stream is an advance version of the video streaming operation available from Office 365 Video.

“Microsoft Stream builds upon the learnings success of Office 365 Video and over time the two experiences will converge with a seamless migration to ensure a consistence experience both within and outside of Office 365,” he said.

Stream allows companies to keep their videos entirely private, so they are allowed to remove access, make sure they are not shared outside of the business, and assign rights to them.

The programme is being powered by Azure Media Services, a video streaming service based on the cloud system. This has already helped with other video sharing projects, such as letting customers of Skype for Business release a video feed to viewers.

Speaking with Tech Crunch, Mr Phillips added that the user experience will be influenced by consumer operations such as YouTube, stating: “We are now delivering on those [consumer] experiences in business software.”

This news comes after Microsoft signed an agreement with IBM to bring its new applications for Surface tablets and Surface Book laptops to IBM’s large business customers.


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