Microsoft Surface Devices Now On Payment Plans

If you’re a start-up business in need o365 development to start your employees working efficiently together, you may have already overcome the initial expenditure for the IT equipment your business needs. However, if not, keep your eyes peeled for this new initiative from Microsoft offering their Surface devices on payment plans.

Subscription as a way of mitigating this initial financial output is a growing trend in the tech industry, with the likes of Adobe killing off its Creative Suite CD option for a cloud-based monthly subscription service in 2013.

Over in the US, where the scheme popped up this week on the Microsoft website, you can get your hands on a Surface device for as little as £32 a month on the longest contract option of 30 months.

The ability to spread payments to work with your business’s cash flow is one of a handful of great benefits, including free upgrades to new products. This scheme is currently only available to businesses, and at present only in the US – but the likes of TechRadar are hopeful the scheme will come to the UK when Microsoft find a financial partner with which to work.

However, you may need to weigh up whether the Surface is the right tool for your employee’s needs. Of course, as a Microsoft product, the Surface is compatible with o365 and SharePoint, however it’s primary function is as a tablet device with a stylus, however a keyboard can be attached easily to change it into a laptop device.


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