New UK Datacentres Opened Up For O365 Customers

Good news for anyone contemplating Sharepoint 2010 end user training and other Office 365 applications – Microsoft has just announced that it’s opened up some datacentres in the UK, one in London and one in Durham.

According to Rajesh Jha, corporate vice-president for the Office 365 team, the company is the first global cloud productivity provider that now offers UK data residence for core data at rest.

He went on to note that Office has expanded its worldwide cloud footprint rapidly, opening new centres in India, Australia, Japan, Canada and now the UK. “In addition to the highly secure productivity capabilities already enjoyed by Office 365 customers all over the world, these new data centre regions add in-region data residency, failover and disaster recovery to help effectively address the legal, regulatory and compliance needs of customers in industries like banking, government, public sector and healthcare,” Mr Jha continued.

In June, the Office 365 team announced that a number of different enhancements were made to the software’s security and compliance capabilities, including Advanced Security Management which gives end users greater visibility and control over the Office 365 environment.

What’s more, eDiscovery has been enhanced with the introduction of case management, hold, export and search, designed to save people time and make it easier for them to perform investigations and use eDiscovery from a single central location. You’ll also be able to download the updated Security Intelligence Report, which looks into malware and vulnerabilities to help people make educated decisions
about their safety and security.


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