4 Office 365 Add-Ins That Boost Productivity

If you think you’ve taken your o365 training as far as you can, guess again! There’s always room for improvement and you should be constantly reviewing your practices and processes so you know you’re getting the most out of the programs you use. Here are four add-ins for Office 365 that could make your workplace far more productive than it already is.

Yesware email tracking

This add-in is perfect for anyone who loves getting read receipts for their emails. You can tell you opens messages and who clicks on the links, as well as finding out how often your emails are opened and when.


Use this free add-in to share emails across your company and set up channels that your colleagues can subscribe to by department or topic. Once the channel’s been set up, you can share emails across it so that all the subscribers can see all the messages. It works on multiple platforms as well as online so you can see your messages wherever you are.

DocSend for Outlook

This add-in is really helpful for anyone who wants to retain control over their emails and attachments after they’ve been sent. You can track who opens what, restrict access and update documents even after they’ve been sent.


Use this add-in if you often struggle to set up meetings and have everyone available at the same time. It’s a really easy app to use and once you’ve all agreed upon a time and date, it’ll send out a meeting invitation to everyone so you’re all on the same page.


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